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Product-Ozbob Scuba

Scuba, Swim and Ski!

   Scuba Masks

We can supply any scuba mask on the Australian market, with our most popular brands being Scubapro, Cressi, Mares, Tusa, Hollis and Aqua Lung. Of course, we are happy to use your own, just ask! However, we cannot do full face masks due to the curved nature of those masks. Information on the type of lenses you can have in your mask is listed below. 

This is our most popular lens. If you are someone who wears glasses for both distance and reading, then a bifocal lens is for you. The top portion of the lens will allow you to see clearly in the distance when cruising around, and the bottom third of the lens will allow you to see clearly when holding objects up close, or for looking at your gauges or underwater camera. 

Gauge Readers
Gauge Reader lenses are ideal for those that only need help with reading, and have a fairly basic prescription without need for astigmatism.
However, being an optometry practice, we have encountered those with a noticeable amount of astigmatism who just get gauge readers put in, tend to feel 'a bit off' when transitioning between no prescription in the top of their mask, to the gauge reader portion with astigmatism correction. In this case we would suggest you get a bifocal lens for a smooth transition. 

Single Vision
Single vision lenses are more popular for people who snorkle only, or do not tend to pick objects up to look closer at them. This means the full lens will be covered with your distance prescription. It is rare for someone to want a full reading lens as this will compromise your distance vision, but it is possible if you want it.

Swimming Goggles
We don't just do scuba masks! We've been making swimming goggles for many years for professional swimmers and those who just love to do laps in the pool... but can't see clearly! We only put in single vision lenses due to the small nature of the lens, and can do up to a -15.00 diopter, or a +11.00 diopter prescription (as well as any astigmatism or prism).
We have a range of goggles here to choose from by View, but are happy for you to purchase your own provided the lens surface is completely flat. Our standard colours of tint are smoke grey, blue or pink. We use only top quality Carl Zeiss lenses. If you are unsure, just email us and we can guide you in the right direction! 

Ski Masks
Ski Masks are another popular style of custom lenses that we make here at Ozbob Scuba, and are ideal for those who struggle to see on the slopes, and are uncomfortable wearing contact lenses. We use high quality Carl Zeiss lenses with hydrophobic multicoating to repel water. 
 There are only two brands for ski masks we use - Smith and Zeiss. Both masks include a clip-in optical lens insert and are usually single vision only due to the smaller nature of the insert, however it is not impossible to do a bifocal. See our images for examples of ski masks.